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Welcome to the SOHO Webmaker Store

You can enter some introductory text for the customer here. If you wish to provide a more detailed cover note for your customer such as for options on shipping arrangements and information about special offers etc. then you can place them in this message or in the "Information" link that (optionally) appears when the customer first enters the store.


This extra Info link can be accessed at any time by clicking on the orange "Information" button below right. The Information button here contains instructions about the various Store and Catalog options and payment options - this information is also available in the Tutorials section on the main SOHO Webmaker website.


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The following information is also published in the Tutorials section on the main SOHO Webmaker website.

Your Catalog

There is a free Catalog function that operates as a Store but without a shopping cart and payment processing.

Your Store

The SOHO Store is a Catlog plus a shopping cart with optional payment processing if required. The Store requires a subscription to operate.


The Store has two setup options:

  1. A 'request for quote' option
  2. Paypal which includes both Paypal Account and Credit Card Payment options

Note. For the Paypal option you can select only one currency for payment from a range of standard trading currencies.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is always visible and is automatically updated when a visitor either selects the Add To Cart button or changes the number of ordered items listed in the shopping cart.

Quote Request

The 'Request a Quote' option is effectively a Preliminary Purchase Order (PPO) which is useful where there are multiple items being purchased, since the automated payment processing options cannot accurately calculate the shipping costs (as the shipping cost is set on a per-item basis).

The PPO also allows you to make whatever payment mechanism suits both parties IE the customer is not forced to pay using a credit card or a Paypal payment as is obligatory when using the automated payment options.

Paypal/Credit Card Setup

You can set up your payment processing on one of two ways:

  1. US Merchants (includes an option to use weight to calculate delivery charges)
  2. Non US Merchants (does not include the option to use weight to calculate delivery charges)

Please Note. For US clients that are selling internationally it is probably best NOT to use the weight option in their delivery calculations since the shipping costs will not be calculated correctly. 

Also Note - If the calculated cost differs from the final cost then it may be necessary to issue a refund or make a separate charge to the customer to cover the difference.

Paypal also offer other options for calculating delivery such as fixed charges based on item costs. Please see Paypal for the latest up-to-date information on the options for calculating delivery charges.